Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Access Your Account Settings

In the Dashboard webpage, after logging in, hover on the profile picture on the top right corner of the webpage. Click on “Settings” as shown below to access your organisation settings.

Enter your organisation details and update the settings as shown below.

Employee Set Up & Permissions

To setup employee roles and permissions, click on “Roles and Permissions” tab on the left side of the page as below. Click on “Manage Role” button on the next page. Enter the role details and save the role in the last page.

Add Your Existing Customers

After logging into the WorkCeo web application, look for the “Clients” tab on the left hand column of the webpage. Hover over the “Clients” tab to reveal further links.

Click on “All Clients” to reveal the list of all the current clients of your organisation which have been added into the WorkCeo platform. Click on “Contacts” to reveal the list of all the clients as well as leads of your organisation. 

To add a new client, click on “Add Client” button on the right top corner of the web page as shown above. On clicking the button, you will see an “Add Client” pop-up as shown below. Fill in all the details of the client as indicated in the pop-up. You can save the information to complete the “Add Client” process. 

If you want to add more details, click on “Advanced” button. This will take you to a client information form which accepts more details of the client including website details, shipping address, billing address, etc. Upon filling all the information, click on “Save”.

Add your Price or Service List

In the main dashboard webpage, hover on “Money” and click on “Invoices” as shown below.

In the “Invoice” page, click on the “Add Invoice” button located at the top right corner of the page as shown below.

In the “Add Invoice” page, click on the “Add Item or Service” button to add more items or services to the invoice. After adding all the details, save the details.